Traditional dishes, fresh pasta and foods from our farm

The appetizers start from base dishes, enriched by our delicatessen, ending to distinctive unusual realizations of our chef. For example you can find:

  • Antipasto Ripa del Bosco: various delicatessen, warm salty cakes, little omelettes, sheet of pasta dough with variety of chicory, soufflé with courgette (zucchini). All surrounded by seasonal vegetables.

Start dishes are always based on home made fresh pasta, like:

  • Pappardelle (big tagliatelle) with duck or goose meat sauce
  • Casoncelli alla bresciana: ravioli with oil, parmigiano cheese and sage
  • Ravioli with gorgonzola cheese and walnut, with marrow vegetable sauce
  • Seasonal risotto like: risotto with lucanica (salami) and aged wine

Second dishes depend on season and products availability from our farm. Some of them:

  • Lukewarm capon salad
  • Donkey overcooked with polenta
  • Duck breast with "balsamico" vinegar
  • T-bone steaks or large chops roasted on brazier
  • Mixed meat grill

Upon request, our chef can realize special dishes.

And last but not least, we offer home made cakes and sweets:

  • Warm apple pies, with cinnamon ice cream
  • Ice-cream cakes with nougat and chocolat sauce
  • Liquorice cream "brulé"
  • Coffee mousse, covered by crispy nuts

Listed dishes are only examples of our cooking. Our menù "à la carte" changes continuously and offers seasonal specialities and local tradition dishes, all around the year.

A complete menù (one appetizer, one start dish, one second dish, a dessert, water and wine) can cost about 45/90 Euro per person, by choosing from our weekly proposal, always composed, at least, of four dishes per type (4 appetizers, 4 start dishes, 4 second dishes, etc.).